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  • One of the most important villages in the history of Catalonia, continues keeping its importance today with tourism as its main economic engine, especially in winter, as it is surrounded by 9 ski resorts in three countries.
  • It is a breathtaking town, especially for its spectacular views of the Cerdanya Valley and its privileged position in its heart.

  • A tour that you let you discover the town and also the Cerdanya region. It lasts approximately two hours, and the guide takes you from the down side of the village to the highest point of the bell tower, where you can enjoy unbeatable views of the entire region and its peaks.
  • The tour covers the area that had been walled as a middle age town, to reach the most emblematic point of the village, the lake and its pleasant surroundings.

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For more than one town on the same day: 50% discount from the 1st visit. 10% discount on regular customers.

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  • The villages of La Cerdanya are between 800 and 2000 years old. Builded by several civilizations, they have suffered heavy sieges due to its strategic position in the middle of the Pyrenees.
  • Among the most interesting towns to visit, there is Llivia, a spanish enclave in France, and Bellver, both following closely Puigcerdà regarding touristical and historical attraction.

  • Llívia: Find out why we have a piece of homeland inside the neighboring country (France), and how this town was the historic capital of La Cerdnya and the cradle of Catalonia. It also has in its heritage, the remains of the oldest pharmacy in Europe, today museum, which is visited during the tour.
  • Bellver de Cerdanya: one of the quietest towns in the valley (in proportion to its size) which retains a charming middle age old town where the villagers were able to successfully defend during the spanish Civil War due to its insider position on the hilltop Bel Vedere. The tour also includes a visit to an old dried pinetree factory, one of the four that were in Spain. 

4-20 people 20-30 people 30-40 people  >40 people
8 €/pax 7 €/pax 6 €/pax 5 €/pax


For more than one town on the same day: 50% discount from the 1st visit. 10% discount on regular customers.

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  • La Cerdanya has the largest Romanesque legacy of the Pyrenees, with 70 Romanesque churches of the twelfth century.
  • The tour is a route through the valley of La Cerdanya that visit some of the most beautiful chapels, while you enjoy magnificent views of the valley and the river that crosses it: the Segre.

  • San Climent de Talltorta: also called the “Sistine Chapel of La Cerdanya”, because of its Barroque paintings from inside.
  • Santa Maria de Talló: known as the “cathedral” of the Cerdanya for its size.
  • Santa Maria de Quadres: an old lodging in the heart of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Santa Eugenia de Nerellà: the “Pisa Tower” of La Cerdanya due to the tilt of its belltower.

4-10 people 11-25 people 26-45 people  >45 people
15 €/pax 7 €/pax 5.50 €/pax 4 €/pax

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  • In addition to towns and chapels, we can show you something more of La Cerdanya, or combine it with other visits.
  • Nowadays we have the following tours and we are working to provide new ones soon:
    • The Castellot of Bolvir: the oldest archaeological remains of the region where rests of three different civilizations can be seen in the same place. We recommend to combine this visit with the Romanesque chapel of San Climent de Talltorta.

  • The Castellot of Bolvir: From 2 to 10 people- 10 €/person. From 11 to 25 people: 7€/person. More than 25 people: 5 €/person (it includes the entrace of Espai Certània Museum and Talltorta chapel).

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“A group of friends wanted to know Cerdanya and we went to 360xplore to do a guided tour in Puigcerdà where we discovered things that we have never seen in an already known village”
“Entertaining and interesting cultural visit by Màrius in Bolvir and its surroundings in which he show us his passion for La Cerdanya”
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