Why to hire a guide?

mountain guide brings you his experience and the knowledge of the history and fauna of the landscape to enjoy the environment with maximum safety. Definitely, you will have a much more satisfying and complete experience!

Do you already know what to do in La Cerdanya?

Choose your way to enjoy the mountain and discover new environments

  • We offer guided routes and excursions through the Catalan and French Pyrenees. Climbing peaks, discovering mountain lakes and ponds, walking in la Cerdanya valley, several day tours…
  • Depending on the weather and time of year, we can guide you to make the route to the best place, ask us!
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  • We bring you the route that best suits what you want: altitude, difficulty, landscapes, suitable areas…
  • The guide will also show you the best way, he will tell you about history of the area and he will explain you everything about the mountain, based on the type of route: orientation, first aid, etc.

Timing 1-2 people  

+ than 2 people: 15€ per extra person



Half day (2 to 4 hrs) 150 €
Full day (4 to 7 hrs) or summits >2500m 225 €

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  • These routes last for several days, in which you will cross several mountain areas, making overnight in local shelters.
  • They have the charm of enjoying different landscapes and ecosystems, spending the night in the middle of the mountain and being in the nature for several days in the company of a mountain guide.
Discover Cavalls del Vent!

  • Depending on the level of hikers, we plan the routes to make the most balanced hikes between difficulty and landscape to enjoy the surroundings.
  • We recommend the route CAVALLS DEL VENT, which runs one of the most emblematic places of our region: The Natural Park of Cadí. It takes between 4 and 6 days, depending on the level of the customers and the route has eight huts along the tour.

  • For 1 or 2 poeple: 200 €/day
  • + than 2 poeple: 15€/day per extra person
  • In addition:
    • The shelter overnight and pension rates for each participant (full board 40/50 €/night depending on the shelter)
    • Guide’s shelter overnight and pension rate (20/30 €/night)

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  • We offer mountain biking tours throughout the Cerdanya, that will show you paths and trails in the woods. The Cerdanya offers many possibilities for biking from quiet routes from the plains, through hard uphill and technical downhills, to large tours around the region.
  • 360xplore can provide bike rental.

  • We customize the type of route that you want to do. You choose the difficulty and length and we guide you to the best way.
  • All levels of difficulty to feel yourself comfortable and you enjoy it with a guide that in addition, will show the history of the region.

Timing 1-2 people  

+ than 2 people: 15€ per extra person



Morning (2 to 3 hrs) 80 €
Half day (3 to 5 hrs) 135 €
Full day (5 to 7 hrs) 200 €
  • Bike rental: 20 €/person

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  • Snowshoes allow us to get into the winter woods comfortably progressing through the snow without sinking and taking us to beautiful and quiet places of the mountain, inaccessible without these big “shoes.”
  • This activity is in full contact with nature, suitable for all audiences and that brings us to the fauna of the forest, allowing a silently walk, without disturbing the peace and animals.
  • 360xplore can provide snowshoes rental.

  • Adapted to the level of participants, the routes are always developed in snowy forest environments, with a duration of between 2 and 7 hours, where the mountain guide will show the progression techniques with snowshoes and he will share their experiences and knowledge of the mountain and the environment, making the activity more enjoyable.

Timing 1-2 people  

+ than 2 persons: 15€ per extra people


Half day (3 to 5 hrs) 135 €
Full day (5 to 7 hrs) 200 €
  • Snowshoe rental: 15 €/person

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“We did a guided hike with Màrius, an exceptional guide who took us to a fantastic place and gave us lots of information about the area. His English is very good and we did our own walking pace without hurry. We highly recommend any of the outdoor activities that 360xplore offers!”
“Super recommended! Very good service and great knowledge of the area. We had time to eat next to a lake and to learn how to orientate us by different methods. The area is beautiful and with the help of 360xplore we enjoyed it even more. Unmissable!”
“We did a great route with 360xplore. We rented a bike clipless pedals and was really good for our footwear. If we have the opportunity to return, definitely we will organize more routes with them.”
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A unique landscape in an idyllic setting!

Mountain bike tours

Let yourself go by the paths of La Cerdanya and the best areas of the valley!


Enter the snowy forest and live the quiet winter!

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